Providence Road has been blessed with many opportunities to support and serve our Christian family in other parts of the world.  We take two special collections each year to fund our mission efforts for the following year.  Your donations in MUGG, our coffee café, help to fund additional needs across all our mission points throughout the year.




Africa – We support Yancy and Sherry Fariss through Pioneer Bible Translators. The Fariss’ were in Africa for over 8 years, translating the Scriptures into the local language and planting churches.  They currently live in Dallas but go to Africa several times per year as they continue their work.


Mexico - We sponsor ministry students through Kairos, led by Victorino Calderon. These men and women study the Biblical text, theology, apologetics, hermeneutics, evangelism, church planting, and pastoral ministry for 3 years in person and online in order to better serve their congregations.  For more information, go to






Tri-Cities WA – Micah and Sara Riesenweber founded the The Vine church, a new church reaching out to the lost and needy in one of the most un-churched and de-churched areas  of our nation.


Wycliffe Bible Translators - Jim and Barbe Albright, recently retired, made computerized tools to help Bible translators more easily and accurately accomplish their task and recorded audio dramatizations of the Bible for those who cannot read.  For more information go to