As we mentioned last Sunday, the latest updates from the CDC and Governor Cooper have caused us to rethink our policies for PR gatherings moving forward. The current health directive states that two weeks after their final shot, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask or practice social distance, while those not fully vaccinated and those in schools or childcare facilities, should continue to mask up and practice social distance.

We want you to know that our church leadership fully supports these measures, and we strongly encourage you to follow them. However, beginning this Sunday (May 23rd), we are no longer going to be requiring that everyone wear masks for church gatherings. We trust you to be wise and take others into consideration as you join us each week. Starting this Sunday:

·    More seating will be available in worship, though we will continue to have a section on the main floor with chairs socially-

     distanced. There is also plenty of room to spread out in our balcony, for those preferring more space.

·    Hand sanitizing stations will still be readily available throughout our facility.

·    Prepackaged communion supplies will continue to be available for use.

·    Contributions can be made online or in designated areas at the back of the worship space and the kiosk in the lobby.

·    Our MUGG coffee area will be open again.

·    Bible classes that are currently being offered will continue as they are now through the end of summer.

·    We ask that those serving in children's and youth areas please follow the latest guidance of health officials.

·    Parents of children and teens, we trust that you will make decisions that are safe, loving, and God-honoring as you send

     your kids to classes and activities.

·    We will continue disinfecting the building during the week to prepare for your arrival.

For those of you who feel most comfortable joining us online, and those planning to wear a mask or keep their distance even long after health directives no longer require it, we support you in your decision. Take all the time you need.

We thank you for your continued prayers and realize that these changes are a lot to absorb. Though there has been no shortage of opinions and perspectives throughout this pandemic, we want to do our best to make wise decisions and love each other well. Should you have any questions or perspectives that you think we may not have already considered, please feel free to reach out to me, Lee Thrasher, or one of our shepherds.

We love you all.

For the Leadership,

Matt Haynes

KidsQuest Worship and Nursery Care

Available at the 11:00am Service!


We are excited that Sunday programming for Children's Ministries has begun!  Re-opening children's ministries will be a phased effort beginning ONLY at our 11 AM service for phase 1.



One combined (babies and toddlers) nursery will be available in the Baby Nursery during 11 AM service. Music, snuggles, and play will be available for all families who are ready for them.


Safety precautions:

  • Temperatures will be taken on each child's forearm.
  • Volunteers will continue to wear clear masks (as shown below) to keep each other and the children safe while allowing babies to see facial expressions and engage effectively with caregivers.
  • Toys and surfaces will be sanitized regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer will be utilized regularly.

KidsQuest Worship

KidsQuest Worship will resume in the Adventure Building during 11 AM service. As usual, children will be escorted to the Adventure Building before the sermon and picked up after service has ended.


Safety precautions:

  • Children over the age of 5 are still encouraged to wear a face covering.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to wear face coverings.
  • Children and volunteers will sanitize when entering the Adventure Building.
  • Toys and surfaces will be regularly sanitized.
  • Social distancing is encouraged in pick up lines.


Not Ready to Return?

We understand that many of our families will continue to stay home during this season and we support you doing whatever is safest for your family from a physical, emotional, and spiritual standpoint. KidsQuest Worship will continue to stream online at 10:15 AM until further notice. Activity bags, baby seats, and toys will continue to be available in the back of the auditorium should you choose to attend church in person but keep your children with you.

Should you come back?


In accordance with CDC recommendations, we encourage members of our church family who are immunocompromised, or in an age group that is of higher risk, to continue joining us for worship online!

While we desire to fearlessly follow Jesus, we also want to love our neighbors well.  Jesus' expectation for His church is that we be united in Him, and that the world around would marvel when they see how much we love others.  It is crucial that we extend grace to those who don't see things the same way we do.

We've never faced anything like this before, so we know we can't anticipate every situation.  We ask for your patience as we make these decisions, and even as we change our mind if need be.

God is still in charge, He loves us, and where ever two or three are gathered He is with us.  So we will keep following Him, making disciples, and surrounding each other in loving community regardless of when and where we meet.

Know we love you and can't wait to see you!

The Leadership

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