Prayer Requests


October 1, 2023


Joyce Sprowl

Pray for continued spiritual growth of David and Danielle P, David S, and the W family. Pray for traveling mercies for the family.

Praise God for His mercy and grace.

Pray for continued spiritual growth of PRCOC ministries, and the Hope Haven Bible Study.

Austen and Jessi Rubenstein

Finally moved in to the house.  Thank you for all your prayers and help moving in!


September 24, 2023


Kurt Crytzer

Bea L- pancreatic cancer

Jossette Flores

Loelia – Having a dry cough

Tomas – Special petition

Me – I’ll be having a colonoscopy and endoscopy done this coming Friday. Knee pain and insurance not wanting to cover any more therapy sessions. Hip is starting to hurt.

For God to provide what is necessary and to open doors for everyone.

For my parents.

Joyce Sprowl

Pray for the soul salvation of my siblings and their families - John W,  Charlotte W, Fredrick W,  Renita W, Luke W, Vanessa W.

Pray for Katie W for healing from shingles.

Pray for Abe M for deliverance from heroin addiction.

Pray for all our leaders in the body of Christ for continued spiritual growth.

Pray for the Hope Haven prayer study!

John Torgerson

Daughter's job search



August 6, 2023


Diane Arlen

My niece Sherry C is recovering from major surgery which resulted in permanent hearing loss in one ear.

My friend Jim C was recently diagnosed with Bell's palsy.

William Brantly

Pray for the H family (friends of mine) as they have had a couple medical issues.

Pray for a friend of the B family (friends of mine) who recently lost a loved one.

Pray for a HS friend of mine who has been hurt by religion/the church and lashes out to those who outreach.

Penny Ross

Pray for me to get over this sinus/ear infection and vertigo.   

Praise that I was blessed with a raise at my job which will help a lot.

Praise I am blessed with a job that I am able to work remotely and be home to help dad when needed.

Pray for my dad, Jerry B for continued healing from his fall. He still has a lot of pain in his left shoulder and neck.  He has sinus issues as well.

Duane Sprowl

Pray for safe travels for Joyce, mom Katie, sister Renita and 2 granddaughter, Dakota and Dana and a safe arrival on Tuesday. They will be staying with us a week.

Pray for mom Sandra S to continue healing of left shoulder rotator cuff tear. Pray God gives her patience and guidance in now managing home by herself without my dad.

Pray sister Sharon is encouraged to find work.

Pray children Danielle, DJ (her husband) and son David allow God to give them guidance and draw closer to him in their lives.

Pray godson Aaron S sees the path God has set for him as he pursues his dream in dance and his new dance mentorship program.

Thank God for Joyce and all she does for the family.

Pray my oral surgery on Wednesday to remove a tooth and get a Crown extender goes well with little pain.

Pray God grants to all the Providence Road family members participating in weekly Hope Haven Bible study starting on Wednesday with guidance, wisdom from the Holy Spirit on how to serve him while reaching others to share the goodness of Jesus.