October 15, 2020

Susan White

Susan will have back surgery on October 26.  She will be in the hospital for three days.

Danny Valdetero

Susan is improving.  She still has some numbers that need to reach an optimum level for her chemo treatment to resume.  We thank everyone for their prayers and thank God for the healing He has given so far. 

Scotty Foster had quintuple heart bypass surgery at Duke on Oct 12.  He has now been moved from ICU to a regular room and hopes to go home this weekend.

Keith Freshcorn is in the hospital with fever, abdominal pain, and blood counts out of the norm.  Please pray for the doctors to accurately diagnose what's wrong and treat it effectively.

Sarah Alexander passed away Oct 15 due to cancer.  Pray for her family.

Bill Brantly

Pray for the Melendez family, whose 5-year-old daughter passed away in car accident.

Pray for the 17-year-old young man who accidentally ran over her; he is now in jail.

Pray for Sean who will be assisting with the vigil tonight and the funeral.

Kai Wise

Kai witnessed the death of a friend in a motorcycle accident this week.  Please pray for Kai as he grieves, and as he looks for a new job and a new place to live.

Jerry Bell

Jerry continues to have hip pain

Ray Bickar

Ray has finished his chemotherapy treatments.  They are waiting to determine if he can have surgery in about 10 weeks.

Morgan Lavender

Morgan is suffering facial pain.   Please pray for the pain to stop.

Jack Sneed

Jack recently had an MRI on his neck after injuring it recently.

Please pray for the upcoming Dove’s Nest event on Saturday.

Karen Elizabeth Smith

Praise - all four young people living at home now have jobs. Please continue prayers for our older boys in Florida who are still looking for work.

October 4, 2020
Christopher Pierce
I just want to thank everyone for their prayers. I left a meeting I was really worried about with my boss/friend and felt good about it even if the problem wasn’t solved. I truly left feeling heard and that God helped me in the meeting.
Alaina Benton
Prayers for daughter Blake, and niece Erin. Praise for the IF gathering and IF table meetings to draw us closer to God.
Joyce Sprowl
Pray for the healing spiritually and physically of this country and the world.
Barbara Freshcorn
Thanks for the prayers and texts for Keith. He’s home from the hospital and improving from his recent problems.
Duane Sprowl
Praise God for the intentional guidance, concerns, encouragement and engagement of these church family leaders and members while we endured the past 8 months of the pandemic, racial unrest and our uprooted normal way of life!
Jim & Barbe Albright
Please continue to pray for healing for my sister, Joyce, and wisdom for her doctors. Thank you so much for your prayers.
Peggy Rodríguez
We request prayers for this pandemic.
Jackie Willits
Marion Armstrong’s accident
Jessi Sims
My uncle David is septic and in the hospital, not doing well at all.  Austen's mother was laid off and is looking for a job in the Charlotte area.
Martha Saa
For my family to always be healthy
Bill Brantly
Please pray for a family in our neighborhood whose 5-year-old girl is in critical condition after being hit by a car yesterday as well as 2 others that escaped with minor injuries.  Also prayer for the driver and their family as they deal with the pain on their side.  Please pray for my wife as she will have her gallbladder removed tomorrow.  Finally pray for my sister in law’s father as he goes for a 3rd laser surgery to remove kidney stones tomorrow.
Lord I pray today that we make memories because life can flash by so quickly with our speeding heads and hearts. We are being born again every day and help each day to be headfirst, heart next then foot as we carry on.
Jim Albright
Fires in the West Coast to stop

October 2, 2020
Christy Foster is in the hospital with abdominal pain.
William Brantly
Lord I pray today that we lay every promise, every time we want to give up, all the big ideas, all of our burdens and let them all fall at your feet.
Dena Thomas
Prayers for our president and his wife’s health and to recover from Covid19.
Wisdom and God’s leading for President Trump.
Margaret Ocasio
I’m sick for healing
Pray for Marian Armstrong who is in the hospital with a leg injury
Jon Butterfield
Erin's mother had a stroke and the doctors say it doesn't look good. Prayers for their family. They are upset.
Susan White
Pray for our youngest grandbaby having allergy issues. Her dad, Nate is out of town working so Alicia is dealing with by herself

October 1, 2020
Alaina Benton
Praise Blake and Dave are home safe and prayers Blake can re-adjust to online classes for the rest of this semester. Thank you
Kelli Randolph
We are leaving town tomorrow. Pray that all will be well with our daughters while we are away. And that God will keep us safe and well.
William Brantly
Lord help us to not go one way while you go another. To stop chasing every wave that crashes on the shore and get swept up in the tides of this world where one can drown in secular sin.
September 30, 2020
Mollie Faris
Please pray for an end to the virus, end to wildfires and end to violence
Jim Albright
The owner of Snap Fitness in Waxhaw had a total lung transplant. She amazed the doctors by how fast she has recovered. Thank you for praying.
William Brantly
Lord lift us out of our occasional blues by reading your words which ring so true. Elevate us today because we have so much soul which can at times cause us to lose all self-control.
September 29, 2020

Scotty Foster has been released from the hospital.  Continue to pray for relief from pain.
Mollie Faris
Praying for an end to virus, wildfires, violence
William Brantly
Lord help us to believe in the hands of love. The same hands that build and heal can also tear down and lead us astray. Let us not lose faith in what works can be done with what God has provided us with.
Jon Butterfield
Christina is asking for prayers for her family. Her husband passed away about 1 year ago so I'm sure the family could use continued prayers.

September 28, 2020
William Brantly
Lord I pray that even when our heart tends to go astray that you open up our eyes and help us to realize the everlasting love that you provide. A love where we are by your side and a love that will last forever.
Kelli Randolph
As we've observed Yom Kippur today, I've prayed this Scripture:

  I have heard all about you, Lord.
  I am filled with awe by your amazing works.
  In this time of our deep need,
  help us again as you did in years gone by.
  And in your anger,
  remember your mercy.
Scotty Foster is back in the hospital with heart issues.
Alaina Benton
Please pray for our daughter, Blake.
Michael Adams
Please pray for my mother who has contracted COVID and is now back in the nursing home.  She is doing better, but there are numerous cases in her facility.
September 27, 2020
William Brantly
Pray for my daughter as she continues her work as a CNA specifically in the hospice area of the retirement facility which can be challenging physically and emotionally.
Lord we thank you today for giving us a chance and another and another. Our heart is often full of good intentions, but our head often takes us elsewhere. We know you can take us to that higher plane. Allow us to not just fly, but to soar far above a crimson sky where nothing or no one will cause our wings to fail us.
Lawrence Guiler as he continues to battle cancer.
Ken Brueshaber in the passing of his Mother.
Torrie Landon
I pray that God will continue to open our eyes and hearts as his Spirit moves us closer to his heart for reconciliation with our brothers and sisters of color.
Beth Edging
My heart problems, glaucoma, diabetes, scoliosis, kidney stone disease, anxiety and depression and my little family
Barbe Albright
Please pray for Jim’s family in Oregon because of fires.  Also thanks for prayers for my sister Joyce. Please continue to pray for healing for her & wisdom for her Drs
Mark and Sarah Dybash
Prayers for approaching surgery