Prayer Requests

August 29, 2021
Alaina Benton
I will be doing some traveling throughout September (TX) and October (MD & MO) all family-related. Prayers for safety and health.
Our friend John Harper who we’ve been praying for since Thanksgiving is volumes better. Thank you for all your prayers. He and his wife (Jennifer) are now planning to sell their home and move to Hawaii. Please pray for them that it is a smooth transition.
Pray there is relief from COVID. That those who are and are not vaccinated will not be at odds with one another relationship-wise. This is a horrible disease of the heart and body. We need relief.
Elizabeth Bobo
My younger brother, George, and his wife Vija need prayer.
Clint Hyden
Dan Arlen
Please pray for traveling grace for all those who came to PA for our family reunion.
Victoria Landon
Good morning praying friends. We have had quite a summer! Among many other things, we have sold our house and moved. Jeff will have ankle replacement surgery this Tuesday, 8/31. We look forward to being back with our PR family when the time is right. Please also pray for the school at Ste. Philomene, Haiti, and that God will provide support through the school partnership program. Please also pray for students and teachers. My school is one that does not require masks, so ask for protection for all students. Thank you!
Frank and Meddi Dicharry
Please pray for my cousin Ricky on the east bank of New Orleans who is stubbornly riding out the storm.
Also, my Aunt Valerie is in a nursing home now after breaking a hip.
Note - today 16th anniversary of Katrina.
Karen E. Smith
Thanksgiving for a full-time job for Thomas and for Mariah.
Jane Hixson
Pray we house the love of God in the body we live in
Pray we worship every day the awesome God that pours love into each of us every day
We are each His hands and feet – His love to this world

August 22, 2021

Barbara Freshcorn
Praise for good test results for Keith this week!
Penny Ross
Prayers for my father, Jerry Bell, who has a sinus/upper respiratory infection and is on oxygen 24/7 till he’s stronger.  He’s resting at home.
Karen Elizabeth Smith
Please pray for employment opportunities for Mariah, Noah, and Thomas. All are currently unemployed or underemployed.
Kathy Berlin
Sarah B has brain lesions; she is having a lumbar puncture on Tuesday.
Jan Whitesell

Pray for healing for Tony P
Joyce Sprowl
Pray for this world and all the turmoil going on.

August 15, 2021

Mollie Faris

Son-in-law, Bobby - recovery from surgery

Mollie’s daughter Kristy having an MRI on her right arm

Jim Albright

I have had a bad cold/allergies this past week.

Steve Santa Ana

My parents have transitioned from Charleston after fifty years to Charlotte and now live at Brookdale Carriage Club on Old Providence Road. Please pray for their health and continued transition.

Joyce Sprowl

Continue to pray for the Fredrick & Michelle W family in the loss of their son.

Pray for continued healing of Covid-19 infected persons.

Pray for marriages that are struggling.

Ask for GOD's wisdom to pour into our leaders in all positions to make the right decisions in this world and time!

Thanking GOD for HIS mercy and grace.

Jan Whitesell

Healing for Tony P

Gudrun Petho

Andrea R, a friend, will have surgery on Monday for broken bones.

August 12, 2021

Bill Brantly
Pray for a resolution to the crime pandemic sweeping the country
Pray for my kids as they return to school this week and next and my daughter who is getting over an ear infection
Beth Edging’s cousin who passed
Pray for Hope Haven and their flooding issue

Jim Albright
He gets over his cold
Pray for him as he continues to work on the dictionary translation which finally was able to be sent off
New translation project
Pray for Joyce’s relatives that are survivors after her passing

Bill and Susan White
Morton family and issues with her pregnancy
Daughter in Law taking care of 2 sick grandchildren and has to go back to work, probable rhinovirus
Pray for the schools/teachers that they will be able to be safe and protected, fill positions at the schools

Margaret Ocasio
Health issues, concerns about blood test results, going to get a bone scan, diagnosed with sleep apnea, also sinus issues

Max to have success in his virtual teaching

For her oldest son and his housing issues/transportation issues

Pray that she can find a counselor to help with her emotions

Pray that she continues with no pain
Bobby - had 11 hours of surgery, will be on ICU, more to come on the results of the surgery
Kristi - had MRI, pending the results of shoulder issues
Pray for wildfires
Pray for the end of the pandemic
Randy Bannister
Tony Shuler

Jon Butterfield
Carolyn - her lease is coming up in 60 days and housing is unclear after that
Dave - cracked ribs on a wheelbarrow, awaiting results

August 8, 2021

Beth Edging

The same as always health both mental and physical.  Financial and spiritual.  And for my wonderful church to know how much I love them.

Sara Hyden

Silas – teeth being pulled tomorrow

Joyce Sprowl

Peace and comfort for Fredrick and Michelle W & Family in the passing of their son

Pray for guidance and spiritual direction in the marriage of Danielle and David P. Continued healing of Katie and Luke W from the after effects of Covid-19

Traveling mercy for David S and his friends

Pray for wisdom and knowledge for all the leaders of the world in the decisions they make for the well-being of people.

Karen Elizabeth Smith

Prayers for wellness – and for peace and progress for everyone touched by back to school

Janice Whitesell

Healing for Tony P

Jane Hixson

Pray for all you know that are hurting. It may be physical pain or emotional pain.

Pray for those that need Jesus living in their lives… in their hearts.

Pray for those that continually step up and serve. Pray especially for the Moving Ministry that others will be willing to join, serve, and know the joy of helping others in the midst of their need and stressful time.

Dan Arlen

Please keep Anna B in your prayers and also Terry.

Sarah Dybash - Fell and is now in wheelchair and on oxygen full-time

Edith Johnson - Fell and is in rehab; difficulty with mobility

Ray Bickar - Praise - scan showed both tumors are smaller after chemo

Malik (Garrie Yates' mentee) - Help him make good decisions

David (Paul Jarrett's friend in FL) - Has COVID, in hospital.  2 church members hospitalized after COVID spread during a wedding at church in Napes; church activities now suspended

Elaine Van Curen - Surgery tomorrow in CMC Pineville

Roy H (Jeanna Allstun's Dad) - needs to use his walker and take his meds; Jeanna's patience when dealing with him

Tom B (Debbie Bentley's brother-in-law) - Loss of his wife, Debbie's sister Pat

PR Church leadership - Wisdom in making right decisions

Duane and Joyce Sprowl - Loss of their nephew

Tony Shuler - has feeding tube, but losing weight

Keith Freshcorn - Praise platelet counts were up and was able to have nerve block procedure for pain relief in his face

May Family - Lost a son and father in the past month

Jerry Bell - Getting treatments for back pain; will have ongoing procedures

Jim Berlin - Seeking employment

Kim Weimer - Healing from long COVID

Charlotte Rescue Mission - housing changes are confusing for residents, volunteers

Rachel (Clayton's daughter) - Starts new job Monday; continuing to heal from impact of brain surgery

Amber (Clayton's daughter-in-law) – Has lymphoma, will have surgery

Chandler Julian  - Grandfather having surgery; grandmother is stressed about it

August 5, 2021

Mollie Faris

Pray for the pandemic, 4300 people infected in NC just today

Wildfires in 13 States

Bobby - surgery next Thursday

Theresa - no longer has the brace she has been wearing

Mollie - pray that she continues to have no pain, another scan in 3 months after a bad result from a recent CT

Christie - was WFH, now her right arm pain, on STD, saw the Dr., ordered an MRI, potential surgery

Randy B - MRI scan of his brain this week

Paul Jarrett

Elaine V - surgery on Monday

Tony S - gained 15 lbs with the feeding tube

Emily S - did 24 hoursbike ride

Keith F - platelet issues better; will have nerve block for lasting pain from shingles in throat/face

Ray B - one tumor shrunk, continuing with treatment

Naples Church of Christ - members dealing with COVID due to a wedding and a couple members in the hospital with breathing difficulties

Leadership at PR - decisions about the COVID situation

Kim W - dealing with long haul COVID issues

Sarah D - stage 4 kidney disease, fluid buildup, having mobility issues, mother fell and had to be relocated

Hal G - pray for him to continue to be stabilized

Jon Butterfield

Karen S - looking for a higher paying job, has a 2nd interview coming up

Karen - pray for their family and health issues they are dealing with

Jim and Barbie Albright

Pray for the children and grandchildren of her late sister Joyce

Pray for Cynthia - lost her brother and sister, only one left in her immediate family

Pray for those who don't know Jesus and ease our worry about seeing them in the afterlife if they pass

People in Brazil including those who passed

People across the world to have the Bible translated in their language

Pray for Jim as he deals with coding issues associated with Bible translation

Praise Report - for people that have prayed for their family and their health issues and especially those who prayed for Joyce

Jim's Brother and his health (prostate)

Bill Brantly

Pray for those with COVID including policy/guidance that is evolving again and that this pandemic causes us to refocus on what’s truly important

Pray also for a resolution to the crime pandemic sweeping the country

Pray for my HS friend Erik O who is recovering from a 5th back surgery

Pray for my HS friend Jeff R whose brother who passed unexpectedly

Pray for my Uncle Michael B as he recovers from COVID

Pray for Beth E as she deals with depression and chronic pain and that my wife is able to help/minister to her in regard to the chronic pain issues she deals with

Pray that we learn from the painful moments in the past, but leave them there along with any worry so they don’t constantly ruin and trample over the joys/opportunities of today and tomorrow

Pray for us to leave availability in our lives to meet needs as they arise as opposed to general busyness which can lead us to say no when worthwhile opportunities are presented

Pray that we take moments of solitude with God like Jesus did many many times in scripture to avoid distractions

Pray for us to trust that sometimes God has a better solution for a problem we are trying to solve on our own and for us to just let him work

July 25, 2021

Aaron Beam

Kathy's cancer treatment is taking a significant toll on her, both physically and emotionally. Please pray that God would give her some relief. Thank you.

Alaina Benton

Our friend Crystal’s mom passed last week. Pray as she adjusts. 

Pray for our crazy mad life in our household while we go through life. Thank you.

Jay Sergio

Employee went in for surgery this morning after being in ICU/hospital from complications from previous surgery 2 weeks ago. Pray for surgery to resolve issues and for healing and peace of mind for spouse.

Jan Whitesell

Pray for Tony P’s healing.

Rachel Page

Amanda R - cancer

My brother - spiritual

Judy R - broken ankle, knee, and several surgeries to repair damage from fall on porch steps

So many others for marital difficulties and spiritual strength

Meddi DiCharry

Please continue to pray for my brother, Joel who lives in California. He was now confined at the VA hospital to evaluate his medical condition /health situation. Pray for doctors for wisdom, knowledge to give the best care to him. Thank y'all as you continued your prayers to our daughter, Elisha.

Wayne Bobo

Having difficulty controlling diabetes.

Sarah Dybash

Sarah is hospitalized at Presbyterian Matthews with lung issues and fluid retention.

Edith Johnson

Edith is hospitalized in Presbyterian Main with injuries from a fall on her replaced hip.  She is 97 years old.

Gloria Yates

Stress for she and Garrie as they care for Edith & Sarah (both hospitalized)

Meagan Valdetero

Meagan's grandfather passed away last week.  Her grandmother passed recently.

Barbe Albright

Barbe's sister Joyce passed away.

Terry C.

Brain hemorrhage and is in Novant ICU; Prayers for Terry's wife Olivia.

Barbara Berlin (Jim's mom)

Loneliness since Ed's passing.

Kathy Berlin

Good CT report!

Praise that Ray Bickar was able to be at church on Sunday.

Praise that Scotty Foster was able to be at church on Sunday.

Lisa Carter

The Carters got a house and are moving in this week!

July 22, 2021

Mollie Faris

Mollie had a PET scan today and hopes to get results tomorrow.  Pray for good results.

Teresa (daughter) got her brace off her leg and has some mobility restored.

Bobby (son-in-law) preparing for surgery on AUGUST 2.  The surgery is expected to last 5 hours and they will “shut down” one lung during the procedure.

Christy (daughter) is experiencing terrible pain in her right arm.

Safe travels for Paul & Patty Jarrett.

Tom Duzan and the kidney issues he’s dealing with.

Valerie & Tony Shuler

Randy Bannister

Carole Pizzuto in passing of her father

Ray Bickar

Hal Gross

Barbe Albright’s sister, Joyce.

Wayne & Elizabeth Bobo.

Bill White

A couple missionaries were killed in a plane crash in Haiti.  Pray for families left behind.

Teen in Indian Trail community, Abel Johnson.  Abel was missing for a week but was found. He’s being treated for mental health issues.

COVID and its impact on our world, country, city and church.

Lavarous & Janiyah Cunningham move to new apartment.

Scotty Foster and his ongoing health issues, recent leg amputation & fall.

EPIC Event at church on Sunday night.  Connections with community.

Susan White

A next-door neighbor who is 71 years old has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy.  They are attempting medicine adjustments.

Susan has back issues but has had some relief with acupuncture.

Jon Butterfield

Maverick was engaged to be married, but the engagement was called off.  He is dealing with sadness and is upset.

Jon’s mom had an accident which impacted her leg.  She has a brace to help in recovery.

Cathlee is visiting her mom.  Their relationship is much better. Pray for safe travels for her.

July 18, 2021

Larry Ross

Was not at church.  Heat and humidity makes it difficult for his breathing.

Charles & Gretchen Dowdy

Pray for their home church/small group meeting at Windsor Run.

Rachel Bright

Recovering from surgery.

Korey Risley

Friend Debbie recovering from neck/back injuries.


Anxiety Issues

Terry C.

Brain hemorrhage and is in Novant ICU; Prayers for Terry's wife Olivia.


Death of his wife and raising 3 children (including newborn) alone.


Needs prayer with events going on in her life right now.

Kim Weimer

Continued healing.

Meddi Dicharry

Her brother, Joel, is a Merchant Marine in CA.  His health is declining.  Has edema in extremities and is seeing a cardiologist.  Has lost a lot of weight recently.

Recent appointment for Daughter Elisha who was carrying twins indicates only one heartbeat detected now.

Brigitte Walling

Daughter Stephanie has been diagnosed with hereditary eye disease that could lead to blindness.

Mollie Faris

Mollie's daughter Teresa is (recovering from knee surgery)

Mollie's son-in-law Bobby is battling cancer. He has surgery scheduled for August 2

Mollie's daughter Kristy is recovering from an arm injury

Mollie has a PET scan on Thursday to check status on her cancer

Mollie is awaiting new eyeglasses so that she can drive longer distances and eventually attend worship in person.

Tony Shuler

Recovery from recent surgery for feeding tube; to gain strength and stamina.

Ray Bickar

Battles with cancer.

Tom Duzan

Tom is having kidney issues.

Marlene Blanco
Friend Adam had an accident in automotive shop causing a hernia. He needs to know Jesus, needs healing. He also has no insurance

Marlene is exhausted from work and is trying to get time-off from work.

Garrie Yates

Garrie has not heard from his friend and mentee, Malik, in three weeks.  This is the longest they have gone without contact in ten years.  Garrie is very concerned, and would appreciate prayers for them to come back together.

Joyce Sprowl

Continued prayers for healing of Katie and Luke W

Comfort and peace for Fred and Michelle W and entire family in the passing of Fredrick W, Jr their beloved son

Comfort for Lois S as she lay to rest her beloved daughter this weekend

Blessings for the ministries at PRCOC

Traveling mercy for me as I travel to Chicago to be with my family in the passing of my nephew

Beth Edging

Pray for Robert in his relationship with Cierra. She is not a Christian and he loves her but is putting off marriage to give her time to except Jesus.

Elena has been battling depression. She is having problems with school. She needs prayers.

I am struggling with chronic health issues. My home has plumbing issues. I have chronic pain and hope to sell my home if I can find another when the plumbing issues have been taken care of. The stairs are a lot for me. I am not getting younger and my pain hasn't weakened yet and it has been years. Pray for me to know the right things to do with all my issues. I pray with all my heart every day, but pray I know the answers when I see them. Thank you

Elizabeth Bobo

Pray for Wayne's struggle with diabetes and for me as I try to help him.

Lisa Carter

We are struggling with closing on a house and are currently living in a hotel.

Mariah Smith

Please just pray for me; my depression has been getting to me and I find it hard to keep my head up.

Marcia Wrangham

My beloved sister passed away on Friday night after battling cancer, dementia, and the after effects of COVID. Thank you for your prayers as we mourn her loss, but celebrate her victory in Jesus!

Barbe Albright

Thank you so much for praying for Joyce.  Please continue to pray for her team of medical professionals.  Also please pray that God would comfort Joyce and her family and give them strength.

Jan Whitesell

Pray for Tony Padgett who will be having more surgery 7/21.

Lee Thrasher

Carole Pizzuto’s dad, Tom H, passed away at home this morning.

Scotty F had part of his left leg amputated on Friday.  Surgery went well.

Jane Hixson

Pray as we go to seek to be the light of love and keep pointing the way to Jesus to all we meet.

Pray we realize spiritual health is the most important thing.

Pray that we do all that we can to stay physically healthy but are more vigilant about our spiritual health.

Pray for the men that serve with their bodies and souls as they serve those that move, serve at a very difficult time in peoples’ lives: Bill W, Dan A, Bill B, Will B, Jon B, and Gary. Pray others will come and serve with them!

July 15, 2021

Tony Shuler

In the hospital for feeding tube

Carole Pizzuto

Dad is in his last days

Barbe Albright

Sister Joyce - wisdom for doctors

Scotty Foster

Part of his left leg will be amputated

Mollie Farris
Bobby, surgery scheduled 8/2 for 5 hr surgery

Daughter Theresa’s brace is off; continuing physical therapy, Justin hanging in there

Daughter Christy – right arm in pain; difficulty to type for his job

Mollie – PET scan next Thursday

Paul Jarrett
Trip to OH/WV

Ray Bickar – handling treatments OK; has another month before evaluation

Tony Padgett – amputation

Jon Butterfield

Chuck – left job to open own business

Joanna – cat died

Car in shop – mechanics are not following through on commitment

July 11, 2021

Elizabeth Bobo

Pray for Wayne's health. 

Pray for us in the process of selling our home.

Meddi Dicharry

Praise God for miracle of life. Our daughter Elisha is experiencing difficulty keeping certain foods down carrying 2 of our grandchildren in 11 weeks of pregnancy. Both heartbeats observed at 8 weeks. Next appointment is on 14th. Want to keep off social media for now until they ready to announce. They will also be moving in August. Thanks.

Penny Ross

Pray for my dad, Jerry Bell.  He had 2 teeth pulled Friday and is having a lot of extra pain.

Joyce Sprowl

Pray for marriage of David and Danielle P and for spiritual guidance.

Pray for Lois S in the loss of her daughter to Covid-19.

Pray for Katie and Luke W for complete healing from Covid-19; cure for Covid-19.

Pray for success of all the ministries and leaders at PRCOC, etc.

Thanking GOD for HIS mercy and grace.

Alaina Benton

Pray for me as I took a part time weekend job. I'm helping out my neighbor, but it also helps pay off/down some bills. I'm not getting home until 2 or 3 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and it's wiping me out. I don't want to let neighbor or family down. I need physical strength to continue.

Pray for our friend Crystal. Her mom is in her final days/hours. Pray for her and her family.

Brigitte Walling

Daughter Stephanie has been diagnosed with hereditary eye disease that could lead to blindness.

Heidi Zipusch (former member)

Heidi's mom lives in Austria and is 94 years old. Pray for her mom's good health as Heidi would love to see her again.

Vallarie Massey

Prayers for her mom; peace and guidance for Vallarie in transitions due to her dad's passing.

Danny Valdetero

Neighbor Oscar is losing his eyesight.

Tom & Tammy Duzan

Tom is having issues with kidney disease.

Jim & Barbe Albright

Joyce (Barbe's sister) wisdom for doctors

Larry (Jim's brother) has prostate cancer

Jim's program work that needs to be developed to help in translation.

Vanessa Richardson

Vanessa's sister-in-law's son was in a fatal car accident. Pray for Maria and family.

Hal & Peggy Gross

Hal leads a lonely life. He loves music.  Peggy is grateful she can now visit him.

Joyce Sprowl

A friend of Joyce, Lois Simms, lost her adult daughter to COVID last week.  Pray for the Sims family.

Tony Shuler

Tony is not doing well. Pray for healing & comfort.

Mollie Faris

Mollie's daughter Teresa is (recovering from knee surgery) and her husband battling cancer;

Mollie’s other daughter having pain in her right arm and will have to miss work.

Janice Fernandez

Janice has a friend Edward and his daughter Emma who are grieving the loss of loved ones.  Edward and Emma are not yet believers and Janice wants to point them toward Christ.

July 8, 2021

Vallarie Massey’s Dad, Otto Conley, memorial service is Saturday 1:30pm at PR.  Visitation starts at noon.
Tony Shuler is in the hospital to get a feeding tube after reaction to new radiation treatment.

Randy Bannister – had scan Wednesday.  2 cancerous spots in his leg, one in lymph node in same hip.  Starts new infusion next Wednesday.  Hasn’t spread to any major organs.
Keith Freshcorn – platelets at 7k.  New combined meds haven’t made a difference.
Mollie Farris
Bobby, two tests tomorrow to determine if he can withstand surgery scheduled 8/2 for 5 hr surgery
Theresa continuing physical therapy, Justin hanging in there
Granddaughter in difficult domestic situation
Tom Duzan – lost function in one kidney and potential blockage in the other; still awaiting test
Hal Gross
Jackie Willits – 89 today
Palmetto Bible Camp campers, staff
Surfside FL condo victims/families

Paul Jarrett
Upcoming trip to OH/WV
Chad and Hudson contracted COVID during visit to FL
Elaine Van Curen – upcoming surgery for intestinal issue
Ray Bickar - cancer treatment every two weeks
Larry Ross – recovery from COPD and heart issues
Tony Padgett – amputation of toes; may have to take more
Jon Butterfield
Leslie, cousin, recovering after surgery
Chad – second knee surgery yesterday
Jennifer – lost her 52-year-old brother

July 4, 2021

Joyce Sprowl

Pray for continued healing for Katie and Luke W and the grandson of Shawn T, and Toni M as she attends to her Mother and Aunt with dementia.

Pray that PRCOC ministries are impactful to the community in which we serve.

Heal those suffering from Covid-19!

Pray for peace in this world.

Bless our leaders with wisdom and knowledge from GOD for direction in their decisions in leading!

Jan Whitesell

Healing of amputation for Tony P

Penny Ross

Pray for dad (Jerry B) as his back pain is heavy today and his mobility is slow.

Jessi Sims

Please keep my friend Jody M in prayers as she decides if and how to treat her cancer.  I know all she wants is this to glorify God and bring her daughters back to their faith. 

Please keep me and Austen in prayers through our wedding planning!

Prayer Requests

July 1, 2021


Valarie M’s dad passed this morning

Tony S. Treatment.

Valerie; energy, endurance and patience

PBC. Students and staff

Keith F

The A. family and the COVID bout.

Larry R

Praise for the missions contribution

Mollie Faris

Teresa’s (Mollie’s daughter) doing better

Bobby’s surgery

Wayne B

Jackie W

Randy B (and Kathy)

Ray B

Mollie’s heart appointment

Les and Pat B are traveling so safe travels for them.

Miami building collapse

Bill Brantly

Margie O and her move

Bill’s nephew in a car wreck. Isn’t hurt.

Bill’s neighbor Kim. Surgery today (7/1/21)

Bill’s friends he grew up with are separating after 24 years of marriage.

Bill’s wife, Tina. Got a CT scan and hoping the stomach issues are simple.

Kim W getting better but still has more recovering to do

Tom D is having issues with his kidneys. Aren’t quite sure what the source is.

Rachel B. Recovering, but still has a way to go.