July 14, 2019

Janice Fernandez

·       My brother, Clay H, needs prayer, peace, and comfort. His wife India died yesterday (7/13) unexpectedly. It was a quick passing.

Jane Hixson

·       Praise God even in the midst of difficult times, in the midst of pain and loss.

·       Pray for all you see, pray as you go, lift up prayers of thanks and salvation for this world! And yet it is corrupt!

·       Pray we as the body of Christ are very uncomfortable with this world, and how it and Satan oppress others.

·       Pray every child of God is heartbroken by the mistreatment of other humans on this planet. Pray for the children. Pray for the families torn apart by Satan. Pray we, the children of God, hurt for others. Pray we care. Pray we reject the ugly treatment of others and have nothing to do with it!

Paul and Angie Strouse

·       Christian D, 9 year old with brain tumors at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, IN and his family.

Torrie Landon

·       My grandson’s friend died. Please pray for Maggie’s family as they mourn her loss.

Mollie Faris

·       Request prayers for family.

Jossette Flores

·       For work and health

·       For the health of Tomas, Loelia, and me

·       For Ciclani that God heals her foot injured on Monday when she had an accident on the trampoline and will be 6 weeks in a cast and hoping that God will take control of everything, because she needs several things that are expensive and we do not have money now to buy them and she needs them for her recovery

Sarah Harsh

·       Max H – Please keep praying for healing and no pain for Max. Pray that the second surgery helped. Pray for his mind to keep positive and that he feel’s God’s presence in all of this. Pray for Connie as she works and cares for Max.

·       Please pray for us to be good stewards with our money. Pray that we will focus on our budget and goals.

·       Praise for a healthy delivery of Isaac M.

Gary Hixson

·       Veronica D – whom we moved Saturday and the Moving Menistry

·       The lost, the city, and the country

·       Matt, Emily, Sean, Brad, staff, deacons, shepherds, teachers, ministry leaders, and their families

·       The clients and staff of Hope Cancer Ministry, Charlotte Rescue Mission, Crisis Assistance Ministry, and Love INC

·       Youth ministers search

Charles Long

·       Owen S as he continues to receive treatment for lymphoma at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN.

Jack Sneed

·       Frazier, my son, needs Jesus.

·       Archie and Marilyn H are having marital issues.

·       Randy and Shirley S are having marital issues.

Elizabeth Bobo

·       Pray for our finances.

Chloe Bickar

·       Thank God for his goodness and faithfulness. Pray that we can be as faithful to Him. Thank you!

Nancy Morrison

·       Sendia went home to be with the Lord. We would appreciate prayers for her children and grandchildren. Thank you.

Jeanna Allstun

·       Cathy T for the loss of her son Andrew

·       Dean H for knee replacement

·       Tara F during pregnancy

·       Residents and employees of Dove’s Nest and Rebound

Kevin Ellis and Amy McLean

·       Getting married August 31 – Pray we will follow Christ and love one another.

Susan White

·       Pray for Larry M, my younger brother. He is still in the hospital trying to recover from injuries from a motorcycle wreck. He had a 5 hour surgery on his ankle Monday. He has a long recovery ahead of him.

Paul and Patty Ray

·       Maggie, our lovely daughter – Job (thank you), God is Good!

Joe Shuler

·       Pray for my brother James who had a massive stroke. He is stable and slowly making progress.

·       Also pray for the family of my Aunt Cora Lee. She passed away on Wednesday morning.

Joyce Sprowl

·       David and Danielle P – unity as one in marriage and continued spiritual growth

·       David S – spiritual growth and direction on how he can serve God

·       2019 Family Reunion this week – safe travels and successful event

·       Fred W – healing from prostate cancer

·       Katie W – healing from neck and knee spasms

·       Duane – success on new job assignments

·       Me – success in completing all job assignments

Tim and Cathy Haley

·       Alyia S suffering with pain and asthma

Jessi Sims

·       Please keep my friend’s mom in prayer. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 3B) and while in the middle of her divorce.

Shana Nzambele

·       Prayers are requested for George and Sue Ellen B for guidance from God in pursuing adoption of nephew.


·       Please pray for Brandy. She is in deep trouble.

Sonia Lazaro

·       Please pray for my health and my daughter’s blessings.

Ebony McClary

·       We’d like to thank God for His continual guidance and blessings.

·       Thank God for Cedric being hired as an IT manager at Wells Fargo.

·       Prayers are requested for family members with marital issues.

·       Prayers are requested for our cousin Keye as she deals with health issues.

Doug and Deanna Daugherty

·       Our daughter Hayden and son-in-law Trevin are expecting their first child on 7/23. We are praying for a smooth delivery and healthy baby and mom!

Rick Phelps

·       Please pray for my brother-in-law Jamie as he interviews for a job.

·       Also, pray for my nephew Landon who is currently experiencing health issues.

Kitty Vadini

·       Prayers are requested for my granddaughter Vivian. She is having ear tubes put in Wednesday. Thank you, church.

Terri Hernandez

·       I thank God every day for the blessings He has given me throughout my life.

·       Please keep praying for all those effected by the flooding and especially for the 45 families whose homes were recently condemned on the Catawba River, only a couple miles from our home.

Mike Butler

·       Michael – encouragement and direction

·       Eileen – dealing with depression

·       Me – travel mercies this week

·       Kelly S – depression has gotten worse

·       Rob R – undergoing treatment for leukemia

·       Margaret’s coworkers – depression and back injury

·       Margaret’s father – severe cold/bronchitis

Nancy Harrell

·       Please pray for Marian A. She is having pains in her legs and arms.

Colson Crawford

·       Pray for my cousin’s dog Jake who is blind.

Gaye Carico

·       Thank you again for your prayers.

Lee Eppley

·       Continue to pray for our company transition.

·       Pray for us trading in our 3 trucks for a new truck. Downsizing, yeah!

Mark Hernandez

·       Pray for Terri and Patsy’s health.

Marcia Wrangham

·       Pray for Fred’s 100 year old aunt, Helen. Pray for safety and continued good health.

Frank Dicharry

·       I’ve been praying that God allow me to manage my time more effectively to be available for His service.

Leanne Dorado

·       Yale’s lung surgery – Please pray for negative cancer test results.

Jim Albright

·       Praise for Barbe feeling good enough to be here today. Please continue to pray for complete healing. Thanks.

Brandon and Kim Weimer

·       Please pray for Ricky and Jenn W and their marriage.

Michele Jacobs

·       The K family – multiple medical issues

·       Jason – shoulder

·       Vernon M – stroke recovery

·       Mareba D – needs kidney transplant

Jeanne Messer

·       Please pray for all those in recovery and for the continued healing of all.

Kendra Ledet

·       Continue to pray for Ben’s dad, James. He has been going through radiation and isn’t feeling well. We want him to come and stay with us when he is better.

Michele Webster

·       Please continue praying for Dell, Chris, Beverly, Corey, Madison, and their families as they continue to battle cancer. (Praise note: Chris had a successful surgery and will have chemo treatments to be sure it’s all gone. He’s hoping to be done with chemo by November. Thank you for your prayers.)

·       Please continue to pray for the marriage of Erik and Sarah.

Kevin Mallory

·       I have moved to the Spartanburg area which is too far to attend PR regularly. I will be looking for a new church home in that area, but I will treasure my time at PR, and I will visit whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Jennifer Wegmann

·       Please pray for my uncle, Frank K, who was just diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes. He is going to have a PET scan to see if it is just in his neck or has spread throughout the body.

·       Also, Paul’s uncle, Jerry S, has an autoimmune issue that is affecting his vision. Pray his vision improves.

Meddi Dicharry

·       Pray for our grandson Eli who has had repeated coughs/colds. He is only 5 months old. Pray for healing.

Bob Judge

·       My son Shae and his wife Hannah

·       Fetty’s ankle

Karen Elizabeth Smith

·       Prayers are requested for my mom and me as we are taking a vacation this week and prayers for Roger and the kids while I’m gone.

Peggy Rodriguez

·       Thanks God for all your blessings. We request prayers for my mom Cecilia B’s health and wisdom to make decisions, for our children and their families’ health and goals, for our 6 grandchildren, for my sister-in-law Zandra E whose husband passed away 10 days ago, for our health and goals, and for our construction and remodeling company.

July 7, 2019

Tim and Cathy Haley

·       Alyia S suffering with asthma

Otis and Helen Gaither

·       James S, the brother of our neighbor Joe, had a series of strokes.

Chris Kline

·       Please pray for Jack. He is having gallbladder surgery on Tuesday. Please pray for no complications.

Catherine Hines

·       My dear professor, Dr. Klein, is recovering from lung surgery to remove a reoccurrence of cancer. Praise that the surgery went well and pray for his recovery and for him and his family.

Jack Acuff

·       My son Ryan is moving to VA for several months for his work. Pray for safety, success, and comfort.

·       Pray for me to be strengthened by all life is throwing at me!

Penny Bell Ross

·       Alyson S, my cousin, is in the last stages of cancer. Prayers are requested for pain relief, comfort, and peace for her and strength for her family. Please call me for her address.

·       The Church of Christ in Vernal, UT has dwindling numbers. Prayers are requested for strength and purpose for the remaining members to have faith and stay true and trust in God’s plan for their congregation.

Frank Dicharry

·       Pray for Aunt Valerie, my last surviving aunt, who is losing her sight. Also pray for Cousin Ricky. They both survived Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Pray they seek the Lord’s true salvation.

Mollie Faris

·       Prayers are requested for self and family for safe travels.

Bunker Hill

·       Please keep all the vacation travelers in your prayers, and the college bound students that they have a great summer.

Roger and Debbie Bentley

·       Jody and Rebecca are in a rental house in Jacksonville, FL until November. So, they are finally on a search for a house of their own! For the first time in their lives they will no longer be paying rent to someone else. They hope to be able to invest in their own home instead of someone else’s. Please pray for God’s guidance, yes or no, in this search. Thanks.

Jeanne Adkins

·       Thankful for Kent Massey and all staff at Palmetto Bible Camp this past week.

·       Praying for a healthy baby delivery for Allison and Ryan M.

·       Thankful for relationships.

Dave Benton

·       Please continue to pray for Alaina’s cousin, Orin G, who has an operable brain tumor. Prayers are requested for his surgery and healing.

Susan White

·       My brother Larry had a motorcycle wreck and is having multiple surgeries to repair his injuries.

Jane Emerson

·       Hal and Peggy

·       Dixon

·       Our nation

Beth Kitchen

·       Dale’s job search, pray for a break for him as so many doors keep closing.

Jack Sneed

·       Son Frazier – needs Jesus

·       Archie and Marilyn H – marital issues

Paul Ray

·       Maggie – ongoing job search

·       David C – new job in FL

·       Hal G – health

·       Peggy G – her transition

·       Mom Ann – health

·       Sister Susanne K – anxiety issues

·       Rebecca R (daughter-in-law) traveling to East coast this week – safety

·       Our elders and leaders – to lead the church to grow in faith and love

·       The lost and all the Bible studies going on

·       Our children – growth in faith and focus on doing God’s will

Gary Hixson

·       The lost, the city, and the country

·       Marriages

·       Clients and staff of Hope Cancer Ministry, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Charlotte Rescue Mission, and Love INC

·       Matt, Emily, Brad, Sean, teachers, staff, ministry leaders, deacons, shepherds, and their families

·       Keith F, Hal G and family

·       Mitchell P sailing from France to Annapolis, MD in a small craft

Christy and Scotty Foster

·       Keep our marriage in prayer.

Brandon and Ashley Jett

·       Prayers for wisdom in being a good Christian parent

Jossette Flores

·       For health and work

·       For the health of Tomas, Loelia, my parents (Daisy and Carlos) and me

·       That God provides for the things necessary for the children and their school

·       For God to take control of everything and to provide for the basic and necessary needs

·       Thank you for the blessings.

Elizabeth Bobo

·       Pray for George and Vija that they can get the truck repaired. Pray for their health.

Tawana Brown

·       Thank you for your prayers for me for traveling grace.

·       Please pray for my parents for their health.

Jeanna Allstun

·       Ladies of Dove’s Nest

·       Praise for the recent baptisms

·       Family members who are traveling

·       The residents and employees of Rebound

·       Les B and family with his cancer treatment

Doreene and Jerry Tant

·       VBS teachers and children, that God will be glorified

·       Praise!

Jim Albright

·       Barbe still needs prayers to recover from bronchitis.

Jane Hixson

·       Praise God in all circumstances.

·       Be thankful always and pray continually.

·       Remember the lost and the sick, especially Duane B as he recovers from shoulder surgery and his wife Denise whose mother is in Presbyterian Novant on Hawthorne with pneumonia and other issues.

·       Remember all that serve at Crossnore whose 30+ year old coworker, Kimberly, died yesterday.

·       Lift up the sad, broken hearted, and the lost.

·       Remember those that have lost loved ones and always remember to be kind.

·       Pray for all those in prison. Please write Michael B to encourage him with expressions of God’s love and words. Contact me for more information.

Frank Crawford

·       Unspoken

Amy Sperry

·       My former coworker, Dawn, lost her son on Saturday. He was 20. Please pray for her family for comfort and for God to surround them with hope.

Alba Sanchez

·       Thank you for His blessing.

·       Bless and give wisdom to my son and good health to my mom. Amen.

Charles Long

·       Owen S as he continues treatment for lymphoma at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN

Sandra Deem

·       Pray that we and our daughter give God glory in all things.

Jason Jenkins

·       Karen is having a lot of pain in her back for the last several weeks. She had an MRI on Saturday and is hoping to avoid surgery.

Bob Judge

·       Fetty’s ankle and shoulder

·       My eyes and left arm

Marcia Wrangham

·       Fred’s Aunt Helen in Winston-Salem is 100 years old and still living in her home. Pray for her declining health, specifically her hearing loss.

Audrey Rowland

·       Sammy’s brain surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 2nd.

Greg, Ella, or Jillian Algaier

·       Please pray for my grandparents. They are grieving from my aunt passing away. My grandparents’ names are Melva and Bob K.

Vanessa and Tony Richardson

·       Tiffany and TJ

Gaye Carico

·       Thank you for your prayers.

Lee Eppley

·       Please continue to pray for our good marriage and our small business during our transition.

Jeanne Messer

·       Please continue to pray for all in recovery.

Karen Elizabeth Smith

·       Peace and patience, particularly for mothering my crew of young adults

Pat Balentine

·       Pray for Joyce O who has kidney and lung cancer. She was hospitalized last week and it was found that cancer had spread to her stomach. They can’t use radiation or chemo. They are using a trial drug.

Marion Armstrong

·       I need prayers. I’ve been having feelings of anxiety and I’ve been praying. Just need to have a hand in getting back a sense of peace. In God’s name, amen.

Fricka James

·       Prayers are requested for my brother Volker and my grandson Brandon.

Debbie Eberhart-Wilkinson

·       Please pray for Denise H, an old neighbor, for a possible life flight to an Atlanta transplant center for a liver.

Dan Arlen

·       Please pray for Boochie, a resident at Sunrise Assisted Living who has been feeling poorly. She is a longtime attendee at our worship services.

·       Please continue to pray for Michael R, the son of a former coworker. Michael is still having liver issues.