January 19

Sarah Harsh

Thank you for your prayers as Rob had his surgery! He is doing well.

Please pray for us to continue to be encouragers to those around us.

Charles Long

Owen S as he continues treatment for lymphoma at St. Jude’s – Charlotte

JoAnn Dees

Robert has an upset stomach and is staying at home.

Ashley and Brandon Jett

Guidance on being a Godly, Christian parent

Gary Hixson

The lost, our city, and our country

All of our leaders, teachers, and staff and their families

Clients and staff of Charlotte Rescue Mission, Crisis Assistance Ministry, and Love INC

Kai and Caden W

Victims of violence, trauma, and natural disasters

Families who have lost loved ones

Tawana Brown

Thank you for your prayers. Please pray for my coworker Brenda for a speedy recovery.

Jack Sneed

Frazier, my son, needs Jesus.

Leigh Ann, my daughter, has multiple health issues.

Ebony McClary

We’ve had some medical tests over the past few weeks, and praise God, all is well.

Bunker Hill

Please keep the family of Sandy S in your prayers as she passed away a few weeks ago.

Debbie Pearce

Leah, our neighbor, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Julia Haskin (Visitor)

For health and for my husband Hank to be saved

Julie Adkins

Praise! Isaac is home from the hospital. Ryan and Allison M are now recovering from both kids having the flu.

Paul Ray

Hal G, Tony S, Tim S, Jack S, and Mollie F

All of our leaders and elders

Maggie – job search

All Bible studies

All of the lost and lonely

Brandon and Kim Weimer

Ricky and Jenn W – marriage

Shana Nzambele

Pray for Jeremy M (Paul’s brother). He is very sick.

Jeanna Allstun

My friend Samarra and her son Eric – homeless, mental health

Tara and Larry – preparing for Nora’s birth

Colin A and Brooke L – preparing for wedding/marriage

Roy H and Judy H – aging and staying in good health

Bailey A – her new job

Charlotte Rescue Mission – volunteers, all who support, all involved

Morgan Lavender

Praise that my MRI results came back clean.

Bill Brantly

Please pray for my mother, Joy B, as she has been going through gastrointestinal issues over the last couple months. Pray that the specialist she is seeing will get to the bottom of what is going on. 

Also, pray for my dad, Dennis B, as he undergoes ongoing tests for issues with his eye and that his situation improves.

Finally, please pray for my wife as she gets through issues with her hip and foot, and my daughter with a bout of dermatitis.

Help us all to appreciate good health and not take it for granted.

Fabiola Gonzalez

Thank you for our blessings.

I request a special prayer for my mother-in-law, Teresa G, for her health.

Bob Judge

Lee M and John B – heart conditions

Ken – stroke

Roxy Lanning (Visitor)

Pray for wisdom and understanding in my recovery. I’ve got to get it this time.

Prayers are requested for my brother Ramon who is on trial this week. He’s facing a long time. Be with the judge and DA that they are lenient on him. Warm their hearts.

Pray for protection for my family and my husband who is lost in active addiction. Thank you.

Jessica Hardy (Visitor)

I need strength, courage, and acceptance. Lord, restore broken relationships and help me be a vessel of your love and mercy. Remind me to be humble and kind. Lord, help my dad (Jesse) to stop drinking and smoking.

Ashley Cox

Prayers are requested for my mother, Patricia, for healing. She is not well with severe back problems but not healthy enough to have surgery. She is anxious and worried about losing her home as well, on top of the severe pain she is in. Please pray for her complete healing: body, soul, and mind. Praise God. Bless you. Thank you.

Craig and Sharon Mundy

Tim K – cancer

Jeanne Messer

Please pray for my daughter, Larisa. Her health issue has not been identified.  Gall bladder, ulcer, appendix?

Alba Sanchez

Pray for my mom for health and for our finances, prosperity.

Pray for my family and my father to know the Lord and have His peace.

Pray for my son to grow happy, prudent, and loving God.

Pray for the youth in our country.

Thank you for my health, my job, my life, and for our church. Amen.

Marian Armstrong

Prayers are needed for my children since they are going to new jobs. Granddaughter becoming a prison guard. May God be with her. Daughter starting her own business and grandson a job that requires a lot of travel and being away from his family for about two weeks at a time. May God and prayers go their way.

Kathleen Gray

Please pray for my lifelong friend, Vicki J. She is struggling in her battle with breast cancer.

Roger and Sandy Deem


Jan Whitesell

Joseph S – hip replacement surgery on February 5th

Monica Dennis

Pray that Todd’s voice will return after thyroid surgery.

Fricka James

Continued prayers are requested for my brother.

Gwen Britton (Visitor)

Pray that I can finish the Dove’s Nest program. My home was flooded by the hurricane and is now molded. Pray that it can be repaired so I will have a place to live when I graduate the Dove’s Nest program.

Meddi Dicharry

Please pray for the people in the Philippines that have been affected by the eruption and ashes of the Taal Lake volcano.

Please pray for a safe trip and stay for my three sisters and in laws in the Philippines.

Please pray for the safety of our American troops overseas.

Please pray for this lady (Ciara) and her little 2½ year old daughter who just lost their husband/daddy.

Mike Butler

Michael is celebrating his 28th birthday this week. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and direction. He is still off his meds.

I’m still waiting on a formal job offer. Pray that it is an acceptable offer.

Praise for Eileen enjoying her new job. Pray for continued improvement with her medicine.

Pray for Kerry for guidance in her relationship with Aaron and her emotional health.

Pray for Margaret’s continued health.

Pray for the S family that is grieving the loss of their mother/grandmother.

Gaye Carico

Again we thank you and appreciate your prayers and concerns for our family, Steve and Mark.

Yoberkys Bolouri (Visitor)

Please pray for my family! Thanks. Blessings!

Dan Arlen

Please pray for Ron C and his family. I was able to visit Ron last week and his condition has declined drastically since Christmas. He is heavily medicated and the expectation is that he will pass away by the end of the month. Please pray for peace and comfort for his wife Juliet, daughter Vickie, and son Matt as well as extended family members as they grieve and deal with necessary preparations.


January 12

Audrey Randazzo Crowley

Please pray for my friend Leah as she battles cancer.

Please pray for my friend Mindy as she continues to struggle daily since her husband killed himself last year.

Please keep Cathlin and Nikki in your prayers daily.

Jean Voorhis

Please pray for Tim P and family. Tim continues to struggle with alcohol addiction and needs God’s help and healing.

Torrie Landon

Jeff’s dad, Tom, needs prayers for health and adjusting to new living arrangements.

Pray for our brothers and sisters and all the people of Haiti. Daily life is very hard for them.

Ebony McCrary

Please pray my prenatal test goes well (glucose and ultrasound).

Pray for traveling grace for my parents.

Tawana Brown

My dad is doing better. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Steve and Kathy Santa Ana

Caitlin S is 32 weeks pregnant and in the hospital with high blood pressure. They will likely take the baby girl at 34 weeks.

Bob and Fetty Judge

Please pray for us as we lost our pet Lita this past week.

Elizabeth Bobo

Pray for Wayne’s health. He’s not feeling well today.

Pray for George and Vija.

Joyce Sprowl

Duane for success in current job projects and upcoming prospects

Allen S and Fredrick W for healing from prostate cancer

Freda P for healing and/or comfort in hospice care and family strength.

David and Danielle P for strengthened marriage and guidance and continued spiritual growth

David S to recommit to serving God and continued grace upon him

Micah and Dakota to grow spiritually and healthy

Me for traveling mercy for work the next two weeks

Healing and strength for Katie W and Sandra S and entire family and friends

Shannon Ostrower

Pray for mom for an upcoming doctor’s appointment to make treatment plans for breast cancer.

Stephen needs a new job as he is over stressed and over worked. His schedule doesn’t allow regular church attendance.

Jeanna Allstun

We will be traveling off and on through this year. Prayers are requested for safe travel.

A new grandbaby is coming in early February. Praise and blessings for all involved.

Pray for Charlotte Rescue Mission and other ministries, their staff and helpers, and our government.

Alyia Strickland

Please/thank you for continuing to pray for mine and other’s health.

Pray for all people in recovery.

Sonia Lazaro

Pray for my health and for my daughters: Silvia, Miluska, and Brianna. Blessings!

Bob and Betty Holt

Prayers for healing are requested for Rodger E, Eric F, Betty B, and Carol M.

Paul Ray

Patty’s knees are causing her great pain.

Maggie’s search for a job/career in medical management

Our elders, leaders, and ministers

All of the lost and hurting

All our babes in Christ

More young blood to join in the Moving Ministry

Tim S, Tony S, Les B, Hal and Peggy G, Mollie F, and Jack S

Jane Hixson

Praise God in all circumstances.

Pray for the hearts of those that lead our congregation and country. Pray for wisdom.

Pray for those that deal with parents that are ill, especially those that care for them.

Pray that we see the unseen and seek to embrace those who are without hope. Pray for all that are sick.

Pray we are Jesus to all we meet.

Ed Moore

Prayers for our daughter Lindsey as there are plans for her labor to be induced for our second grandchild (a boy). Pray all goes well. She’ll go into the hospital tomorrow evening (Monday).

Jack Sneed

My son Frazier needs Jesus.

Gary Hixson

The lost, the city, and our country

Clients and staff of Charlotte Rescue Mission, Love INC, and Crisis Assistance Ministry

Sean, Brad, Emilys, Daniel, Matt, deacons, staff, shepherds, teachers, ministry leaders, and their families

Indian Land campus efforts

Praise for those who volunteer to serve others (Moving Menistry+)

Roger Bentley

Thank you, Lord, that Debbie had a safe flight to Jacksonville, FL to be with her daughter and to be with her son John and his wife, Dena, as they prepare for the birth of their first child, and what a journey they have had! Two miscarriages and now a successful in vitro fertilization that promises to bring forth a beautiful little boy! May it be so, Lord! Now, please bring Debbie back home safely this afternoon. Thank you, Lord.

Jossette Flores

For health and work

For the girls and their school

For my health and that God take control of everything

That God provides for so many outstanding and basic needs

For Ciclani to go to a gymnastics competition in Tennessee

Thank you God for your mercies and blessings.

Lisa Tucker

Praise God for my mom’s successful surgery.


I need you, my Lord, and my family too, my sons. I’m a sinner, but you are my Lord.

Holly Woolard (Visitor)

Please pray that my daughter Jasmin will have a full and quick recovery and that surgery on her ankle will go smoothly.

Pray that my daughter Kira will feel better and recover from her cold. Pray that we will be reunited soon.

Please pray for Damien. May he find healing and get help to stay sober.

Please pray that I’ll be shown grace and mercy in my legal issues. Thank you and God bless!

Jerry Bell

Pray for a Christian friend of mine in Tennessee. Maxie Joe B’s husband is in nursing rehab and can’t walk. I’ve known Maxie from early childhood in church.

Meddi Dicharry

Please pray for safe traveling to the Philippines for my 2 sisters. One is coming from Arizona, and one is from Australia. Also pray for them to have a safe stay in the Philippines.

Please pray and continue to pray for the cold/virus that lingers on me to leave.

Marlene Blanco

Pray for Gustavo who had liver failure. He knows Jesus but his heart is apart from Him.

Brandon and Kim Weimer

Ricky and Jenn W’s marriage

Gaye Carico

Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Jim Albright

Praise – both of us are over the flu.

Karen Elizabeth Smith

Continued prayers are requested for adult children finding their independent path. It’s hard some days for them and for their parents.

The Algaier Family

The Houston twin’s court date is February 5. Please pray for our family and the biological family.

Jessica H (Visitor)

Please dear heavenly Father give me acceptance. Help me to be okay with where I am in life right now. Give me peace. Guide me Lord to do right and be a vessel of your mercy and love. Lord, please help my dad, Jesse, to stop drinking and smoking. Please give him his health back. Restore my life dear God. Amen.

Taylor Akers (Visitor)

Please pray for my family, my recovery, and all of us at Dove’s Nest. Thank you so much.

Michele Webster

Please pray for Julie F and all of John’s family. Rob, Julie’s husband and John’s cousin, lost his battle yesterday.

Please continue to pray for Beverly P, Beverly J, Dell C, Bryanna M who are all battling cancer.

Please pray for Sidney’s teammate who was injured yesterday during a game.

Also, continue praying for her teammate’s dad, Troy, who is having medical issues.

Tom and Sharon Lynch

Please pray for Joseph B for his health and strength.

Danny Valdetero

Susan’s illness requires a change in her treatment. Please pray that God’s will and his healing is done.

Nicole Grasso

Please pray for me as I start a journey of change and for me to listen to God and what he plans for me. Thank you.

Michele Jacobs

Lois K – regular platelet levels

Laurie G – new liver

Stephanie A – pancreatic cancer

Cyndi B and family – death of her husband Jim

Tonya L – daughter and mother have cancer

Margaret Butler

Praise that Mike was informed that he will be receiving a job offer this week. Pray that it is an acceptable offer.

Pray for Michael who is still off his meds.

Pray for Kerry for direction and wisdom in her relationships.

Dan Arlen

Please continue to pray for Ron C and his family as his journey with liver cancer continues.

January 5, 2020

Alaina Benton

Continued prayers are requested for Blake as she is in Italy, returning January 12th. Pray for safe travels while there and coming back. We are leaving January 11 for Boston to see her when she returns and we’ll come home January 14. Prayers are also requested for Blake for the next semester of college studies.

Naomi Jeffreys

Pray for my sewing business and my new position at Blumenthal.

Jane Emerson

Dixon and Linda as the second anniversary of their daughter’s death is coming up

Les and Kelley as the first anniversary of their son’s death is coming up

Audrey Randazzo Crowley

Please keep my friend Leah in your prayers as she continues to battle cancer.

Please continue praying for Cathlin and Nikki.

Pray for my friend Martha’s husband. He is having serious health issues.

Jane Hixson

Praise God in all circumstances.

Pray for the hearts of the leaders, those that lead the hearts of others. Pray we each realize we are leaders and pray we lead with love, His love.

Pray for those that deal with illness and loss.

Remember Bill W, Hal G, Mollie F, Mike C, Carole P and her family.

Let us aim to be Jesus to the next person we meet.

Mollie Faris

I am back! God is good.

Susan White

Our son-in-law, Mike C, fell off of a ladder while working on the deck at his home and has a concussion.

Pray for Bill’s health.

Sarah Cucksee

Pray for answers about Jackson’s vision and peace as we wait for state help and more testing.

Jack and Chris Kline

Our friend Boyd W had back surgery at Wake Forest and will be there several weeks for rehab. Pray for him and his family.

Morgan Lavender

Continued prayers are requested for medical testing and plans to work towards healing.

Shannon Ostrower

My mom, Elizabeth B, was diagnosed with breast cancer in early December. The treatment plan was altered because she had an emergency stent put in her heart.

Jossette Flores

For work and health

For my health, which begins the year very well, please pray for God to take control of everything

For the girls

That God provides the necessities

Thank you God for your mercies and blessings.

Paul Ray

Maggie’s continued job search

Bill W’s and Jack S’s health

All of our youth

All of our leaders and elders

Our new babes in Christ

All of the lost and hurting

Patty’s knees as she is in constant pain

Sarah Harsh

Praise for this new year and the blessings it will bring!

Pray for us to make healthy choices… physically, mentally, and spiritually. Also pray that our financial choices will continue to honor God. Pray that we use the lessons we learned through Financial Peace University!

Praise God for the blessings of family… both birth family and spiritual family.

Catherine Hines

Diana (a friend and student from Russia) is really struggling with anxiety, depression, and belief in God. Please pray for this dear, young girl.

Roger Bentley

We thank God for the amazing and safe Christmas and New Year’s celebrations we were able to experience with our families! All were there and some traveled great distances to there—wherever there had to be!

Jack Sneed

My son Frazier needs Jesus.

Joyce Sprowl

Duane for success on job projects and prospects

David S for commitment back to the Lord and spiritual growth

David and Danielle P for strengthened marriage and continued spiritual growth

Micah and Dakota for spiritual growth

Allen S and Fredrick W for healing from prostate cancer

Valarie H for spiritual guidance in life decisions

Family and friends for spiritual and physical growth

Travel mercy for me for the next several weeks

Tawana Brown

Please continue to pray for my dad.

Ebony McClary

My uncle passed away. Please pray for my family.

Pray for our health.

Bunker Hill

Great to see Bill W and Mollie F. Please pray for their continued progress in healing.

Charles Long

Owen S as he continues treatment for lymphoma at St. Jude’s – Charlotte

My extended family in the passing of my dad’s youngest sister, Madeline (81), on Friday, 1/3/2020

That each member of this body will seek to continue to be transformed to be more like Jesus and to be on mission for Jesus in making disciples who will make disciples

Tim and Cathy Haley

Please pray for something uplifting in Alyia S’s life this week.

Charlie and Terri Springer

Please pray for all the college students returning to school. Pray for them to be rested and to keep them drawn close to God.

Gary Hixson

The lost, searching, the city, and our country

The Moving Menistry volunteers

Clients and staff of Crisis Assistance Ministry, Charlotte Rescue Mission, and Love INC

Sean, Matt, Brad, Emilys, Daniel, staff, teachers, shepherds, deacons, ministry leaders, and their families

Stacy T recovering from motorcycle accident

Andrea Mejia

Please pray for our baby cousin, Wesley, in the hospital. He is sick and has a hard time breathing.

Fricka James

Prayers are requested for my brother Volker.

Mike Butler

Me – travel and job interview this week

Praise – Kelly S’s recovery is continuing

Michael – living circumstances, emotional health (still not taking meds)

Margaret’s dad – discoloration and pain in his finger

Friend’s son, Patrick – struggling with addiction

Patrick B – facing several difficult challenges

Siobhan B – loss of her husband

Pat Balentine

Pray for daughter and family (Ashley, Dino, and Elena) to find a church home in 2020.

Marilyn Evans

Praise to God for my mother who has recovered from her fall, but at age 99 she is declining. Please pray God will walk with her during this time. She is Christene D.

Meddi Dicharry

Please continue to pray for Charles as he continues to recover from the surgery.

Please pray for healing recovery from the bad cold and pain on the right side of my body (across tummy) for the past few weeks.

Brandon and Kim Weimer

Stacy T – he was in a motorcycle accident. Pray for a quick and full recovery.

Michele Webster

Please continue to pray for Dell, Bryanna, Chris, Beverly P, and Beverly J.

Please pray for our friend Troy who is having health issues.

Please pray for my friend and former coworker, Alex. He is leaving for basic training tomorrow and beginning a career in the military.

Terri Jeltrup

Mitzi W is still hospitalized after 5 weeks. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to treat a hematoma in her lungs and decaying tissue on her hands and feet. Pray that she can come off the ventilator and gain full kidney function.

Tony and Vanessa Richardson

Continued maturity for TJ, Tiffany, and Marcia

The Algaier Family

The Huston twins have court on Wednesday.

Bob Judge

Praise the Lord – the knot under my grandson’s arm is a bunch of blood vessels and not an issue.

Sean, our son, for a safe trip home to Seattle

Jim and Paige Snider

Fires in Australia – stop them and protect all citizens

Diane Arlen

Sherry C, niece, upcoming disability hearing

Reba P, friend, stroke this past week, stent surgery Monday

Richard G, nephew, panic attacks

Dan Arlen

Please continue to pray for Ron C and family as his struggle with liver cancer continues. Chemo treatments have been discontinued.