We are so excited for our first ever Fall Car-Nival!

But WHAT IS A Car-Nival?!

There are five main components of the car-nival.

1. Dinner- Dinner (individually packaged/wrapped hot dogs, water bottles, and popcorn/chips) will be provided in- car for each member of your family. You may choose to eat it in the car as you ride slowly through the line or you may choose to eat it when you complete the games or even during the movie. If you are more comfortable forgoing food, that is a-ok!

2. Family challenge- When you arrive, you will get a check list of fun family challenges to complete in your car while you wait! (A QR code will be available for those who wish to do the challenge on their phones for limited contact) Check them off and turn in your check list to be entered for a $50 chick fil a gift card.

3. Games- Games will be played one family at a time and will be very distanced. All game materials are either single use or will be sanitized in between families. When you pull up at a game, a volunteer will give you the thumbs up indicating it is ok for your family to exit your vehicle. You will play the game, check it off your game card, get back in your car and pull forward to the next activity. Materials will be sanitized and the family behind you will pull up, wait for a thumbs up and do the same. Simple!

4. Car decoration contest- We encourage you to decorate the exterior of your car! This will serve as a “costume contest” of sorts. A winner will be chosen and win a free night of babysitting and a visa gift card for date night! (May be redeemed at a later date if preferable)

5. Movie! The Great Pumpkin will show around 7 PM in the front parking lot on one of our giant inflatable screens. Feel free to bring lawn chairs, sit in your tailgate or stay inside your car. We will bump the sound up so everyone can enjoy.

SO. Now that you know what to expect, it would be really helpful to know you’re coming so we can plan. Click here to tell us you’re coming! Can’t wait to see you there!